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Hot Tubs Located Where??

For those who relish thinking outside the box or for those who delight in traveling to the beat of a different drummer, have we got some interesting hot tub info for you!  When most of us think of hot tubs, we might envision a cozy corner of a deck or a spot created in the backyard to serve as our personal oasis get-away.  There are, however, some rather unique locations that are used for hot-tubbing that you just might find astonishing or, at the very least, intriguing.

Suspended From A Bridge:

Imagine for a moment that you are relishing the soothing heat of your hot tub, feeling a decadent kind of surrender and relaxation, but would you still feel that way if you were more than 600 feet in the air!?  Oh yes, we’re talking about a hot tub that was successfully suspended from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland!   Some very brave young partiers hung ropes from the bridge and the only way to reach the hot tub was by descending the ropes to the hot tub below, which, by the way, was constructed on site.  The tub itself was a homemade 15-seater, tarp-lined barrel which was assembled upon a makeshift platform, providing ample room for more than a dozen very brave souls.  And how was the water heated? From a homemade water heater! 

But these daredevil risk-takers did everything with safety in mind, right down to each person being clipped to a harness and wearing a helmet while en-route to the hot tub, beckoning them from below.

Atop A Mountain:

Do you know how tall the highest mountain in Europe is? It’s Mt. Blanc and is almost 16,000 feet high which equates to over 3 miles upward.   With that in mind, some daring young mountain climbers, male and female, gathered research on how to pack a disassembled, portable hot tub to take with them to the summit of Mt. Blanc — so they could relax after their exhausting climb.  It seems Jacuzzi Events are becoming quite popular in Europe where hot tub parties are designed with unexpected and exceptional locations in mind — and the more exceptional, the better!

After a year of research and trial and error, this adventurous group of young Europeans figured out a way to design hot tub components that would be lightweight and durable enough to withstand freezing temperatures more than 3 miles into the atmosphere.   Each of the 20 participants had to be willing and able to carry a backpack weighing 45 pounds and be available to leave at a moment’s notice, since weather conditions had to be tracked and immediately taken advantage of whenever the window of opportunity presented itself — that being no clouds and minimum wind.

Once this adventurous crew reached the summit after one evening of little sleep, 20 weary bodies constructed their hot tub and filled it with snow while special burners provided the heat to do the melting.  By 9:00 a.m., the celebration commenced!  All tallied, 900 pounds of boxes, piping and fuel, plus assorted wine, liquor and beer made the unusual trek.  Miraculously, after a day of partying and hot-tubbing, everyone made it home back without a scratch.

Hot Tub Boats:

Who says hot tubs have to be stationary?  If you live in the in California, the Pacific Northwest or in London, you’re in luck.  These three locations offer hot tub boats which float with perfect buoyancy and move slowly at five miles per hour. Patrons can enjoy the scenery while gliding along the Thames River or in Pacific bays or coves where smooth water offers safety and tons of fun!

Six adults can lounge very comfortably in these mobile party tubs and a 24-volt motor allows a single floating hot tub to be propelled while being guided by a joystick.  And, as if that is not enough, an on-board, waterproof stereo system adds to the mood with pop-up speakers.  Hot-tubbing was never more fun than this!

Hot Tub on Ice:

A very unique resort in Switzerland called ‘Iglu-Dorf’ offers a most unusual hot tub experience.  Actual ice igloos, constructed of 100% ice, make up the individual rooms, complete with steamy hot tubs (entirely surrounded by snow and ice), snow-packed steps, beds and floors covered strategically with plush animal skins and exotic rugs.  To create these unique ice huts, special balloons are inflated and sprayed with layers of water.  The water quickly freezes and once the balloons are deflated, perfectly-sphered, thick-walled igloos remain, with 8 foot high ceilings!

The hot tubs are recessed and flush with the icy flooring and the perfectly-heated water combines with the extremes of cold and ice and snow to create a paradoxical world of unusual self-indulgence.  Ornate, hand-carvings, engraved by professional artists, adorn the iced walls to create an environment that must be seen to be truly believed!

Oh, and one more thing—those beers that are enjoyed in those hot tubs—before they’re popped, they’re kept in refrigerators to stay ‘warm’!

Cavemen Never Had It So Good:

In the Cayman Islands, a 48,000 square foot mansion has a rather unusual foundation — the foundation is really a natural cave which maintains a constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit year round.  Soft, indirect lighting lends a very romantic feel in this subterranean getaway, even though one realizes one is actually in a cave dwelling; but when you spot the spacious, 10-person hot tub nestled in a natural rock formation with  hues of light radiating through the hot tub’s softly bubbling water, time stands still.   The rock walls have been polished to a smooth finish and the natural beauty is mesmorizing and is enough to make even Fred Flintstone proud!

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Take Our Home Nail Courses, Enter Exciting Beauty Career

If you want to get into the beauty industry but are not particularly fond of the idea of cutting people’s hair, perhaps you should consider becoming a nail technician. This would be an excellent way to express yourself through creative design, as well as allowing you to tap into the beauty industry and make a great living. We offer those who are interested in becoming a nail tech, Nail Courses which can be completed at home. Once you graduate the course, you will be able to frame an exciting career and make money doing what you love, which is working with color and being artistic and creative.

Getting The Peace Of Mind You Deserve With The Right Home Security Systems

It is important for you to know the difference between a home security system and an alarm system. There are three things that determines the success of a home security system and they are the degree of home automation, the process of installation and the options that you receive for monitoring the system. If you check the market today, you will find that there are a wide range of home security systems that you are able to choose from. However, before choosing the right one for your home, it is very important for you to ensure that there are certain factors that you should take note of when you are buying it for your premises.

Timothy Eckersley- home security specialist at Allegion in the USA helps you in the above field. He says that you must answer the following questions first before you buy a good quality home security system for your premises-

  • Is the home you live in rented or an ownership one
  • What are the options available to you in event of remote mobile access to your home?
  • Do you need a camera?
  • Are you planning to move to a new place soon?
  • Are you looking for more than an anti-burglar system?
  • Do you need good referrals?
  • Are you sure about the reputation of the security system?

When you are looking for the right home security system for your needs, the questions listed above will guide you. It is important for you to talk to home security specialists before you make the final decision as they will give you further insight into the systems that are available in the market. You will often find some home security systems that have security features that you mostly do not need. It is important for you to be a smart shopper and only buy the system that provides you with the features you require only. This means you need to spend time on research and do your homework properly so that you do not waste money buying the wrong security system for your home.

Once you have successfully answered the above questions, it is important for you to check the options that are available and see what suits you. The cost is one of the prime factors that will influence your buying decision. It is important for you to consider the price of the home security system and the features that it carries with it. There are some wireless systems available in the market and they will give you directions for a DIY installation that you may do yourself. However, if you are not confident about installing the wireless security system on your own, you may hire a specialist to do it for you.

In the above context, Timothy Eckersley gives you a tip saying that wired home security systems are less expensive over wireless ones. Therefore, if you wish to save money, you may opt for a wired home security system and protect your home and loved ones easily!



Find a Reputed Real Estate Developer for Purchasing or Selling Property

A real estate developer purchases land, capitals real estate deals, constructs or employs constructors to build projects, generates, visualizes, regulates and coordinates the process of development from the start to finish. The real estate developers play an essential role in the industry as they connect the gap among the building capability and the stakeholder’s requirement. They supply to the value of a project in terms of strategy, functionality, cost and place.

Besides this, they also work hard in order to captivate global trends, provide quality realty products and analyze customers’ expectations. The developers are an important aspect of the realty sector as they accomplish the serious need for infrastructure in areas like office space, housing, retail etc. Adrian Rubin is one such real estate agent who knows how to provide the customers with the best solution for the property requirements. Since a property involves a lot of money, it is very important to ensure that the right real estate developer is chosen in order to prevent any discrepancy.

Adrian is a celebrated real estate developer who founded the eminent Adrian Rubin LLC in Philadelphia. Adrian personally ensures that the company has all the permitted, regulatory and legislative go-aheads for each and every project. In addition, he ensures that:

  • There are perfect title deeds for each project
  • If the land has any legal dues or not
  • The required funds from funding establishments are secured
  • The investors’ receive money with interest if there is any delay or a project is stopped
  • Interest of the customers are safeguarded
  • A clear idea on extra charges like open car park, electricity, covered car park, sewerage, service tax and VAT etc. are given to the buyers
  • The project plan is not changed without informing the buyers
  • The real estate languages like carpet area, super built up area, built up area,  in conjunction with the plan and conditions of the project are explained to the customers
  • No notices or requisitions relating to the property are unresolved with the government

In order to be a successful property developer like Adrian Rubin, listed below are few sales tips on how to maximize the opportunity in the property development class:

  • The capacity of purchasing properties in not so excellent locations and turning them into extraordinary locality can make any real estate developer effective in this field. A professional real estate developer should own an intense perceptiveness in recognizing extremely profitable locations to develop.
  • Every real estate developer should have a well turned-out and educational project portfolio that will display the company’s aim and goal in a specific location. The portfolio should link the ideas and the projected upcoming look of the property to be established. Now days by using 3D rendering and architectural models the developers try to present the company’s creativity.
  • An extremely investment demanding business such as property expansion necessities detailed study and research. When investing on unusual property locations, one must be eager to take greater challenges as greater challenges could mean greater profit.

Thus, look for a reputed real estate developer for purchasing or selling property!


What makes a good neurosurgeon?

The term ‘brain surgeon’ usually describes a very smart individual, for good reason. A person must be in top from emotionally, intellectually and physically in order to shine at neurosurgery. Neurosurgeons deals with the complicacies of the human brain and spinal; cord, a quite challenging job which needs many years of training, proper knowledge and emotional fortitude.

Neurosurgeons are actually involved in the diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation of maladies and treatment of the nervous systems in patients, members of every age group.  The desire to become a neurosurgeon has to be coupled with several top-drawer features and traits. Some of the most important are described below:


Neuroscience is a part of the medical studies.  Like any other doctors, an orthopedic has to earn a degree from any renowned medical school and after that he/she has to complete a one year internship. These are the basic eligibility of becoming an aspiring neurosurgeon. For instances, Dr. Joseph Yazdi has earned a huge population and fame because of his skills and expertise as an orthopedic. He has earned his degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine. His educational background is mainly responsible for his success and achievements as an orthopaedic.

Physical stamina:

Being physically fit is a requirement for every human being on the earth. However, talking on the characteristics of a neurosurgeon, physical stamina is worth mentioning. The job responsibilities and timing schedules of a neurosurgeon have never been easy and simple. Most of the orthopaedic have to work almost ten to twelve hours a day.  That is why being fit enough to withstand fatigue and pressure is a must. When it comes to surgery, it usually takes almost three to four hours. But there are some more complicated and delicate surgeries which can last to even ten hours. A neurosurgeon needs to stand a long time without feeling exhausted. After all, being a surgeon, one has to deal with lots of risks related to the lives of the patients.


Anyone opting for any particular career requires a good and bold personality. However, talking specifically on an orthopaedic, personality is one of the primary required traits. A neurosurgeon has to remain cool under massive pressure. As mentioned earlier, these surgeries can be delicate, long and tiresome procedures. A surgeon needs to be enthusiastic and calm enough to withstand the lengthy schedule. Every patient of Dr. Joseph Yazdi admits that he is a kind hearted, calm, compassionate neurosurgeon. He handles each of his patients with equal attention and importance.

Analytical skills:

Good orthopaedic needs to be able to analyse everything in a proper manner. He/she has to think in a three-dimensional orientation. Because an orthopaedic works around the blood vessels, brain, nerves and spinal cord, he/she must be able to analyse the entire link between all these systems to apply effective techniques to enhance the recovery period. Dr. Joseph Yazdi, the renowned neurosurgeon of Belleville, Illinois, always gets appreciated by his patients because of his smart and effective analytical skills.

The above mentioned points are the must have of a good and expert neurosurgeon. But above all, a good surgeon needs to provide all of his/ patients with great comfort level so that the patients do not hesitate to share their medical complications.







Inspiring Role Model In Music!

Music has a number of benefits for the human being and this is why it is the first recreation of mankind that has been loved over the ages. It improves your verbal and visual skills. Even small babies like the sound of music and often fall asleep when a soft lullaby is played. People often resort to music to de-stress and this is why they love going to live concerts and attending music symphony shows where they are able to relax and be at ease with the joy of the musical moment!

Churning out amazing musical scores

When it comes to music in the USA, there is a music conductor who is known for his innate skills and amazing musical scores. His name is Vince Pettinelli. He heads one of the best orchestral bands in the nation and the globe. His band has some of the finest musical talents in the country. When they come together, the crowd simply mesmerizes every moment of the show. The band has the ability to reproduce some of the unique musical scores of the world ranging from classical numbers to the topmost popular songs of the globe. They are widely sought after for both social and private functions. The band is young and enthusiastic with Vince Pettinelli leading it with zeal!

Engaging the audience with his presence

The Vince Pettinelli band has the ability to engage the whole audience of all age groups. They are the first choice for many individuals and companies that wish to have music played at any event or function. Mr. Pettinelli is also a teacher and he believes in the dictum that practice makes the person perfect. He says that before every performance, he and his band will join hands together to rehearse and ensure that the piece played is errorless. He teaches newcomers to the band personally and is very supportive as a teacher.

He says that being a music mentor means you need to be aware of the demands of your band members when it comes to playing flawless scores. He gives them space and freedom to experiment so that they are able to uniquely play their parts in the band. When performances are being conducted, he ensures that the podium he stands on is completely visible to his band members. All of them must be able to see him from the spot they are sitting. His band members say that he is an inspiring music conductor with an empowering presence. The performances have to be successful when he is around and ready to take so much care of the group!

Vince Pettinelli is indeed one of the best music conductors in the world and nation today. He is skilled and experienced. His presence is inspiring and he is a positive role model to his band members who consider him to be a genuine mentor with the skills and patience to ensure they play the best potential and make their audience happy from start to finish!






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