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May 13, - If you're riding (and hydrating) all day, nature is bound to call at some point. Here's how pro cyclists deal—and how you can, too. By The.

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Feb 14, - Google tells us you desperately want to know - how do cyclists pee when racing? Some riders stop at the side of the road to go for a pee. Jul 15, - "Some riders maybe take two, three, four pisses during the race. It's common for the peloton—that's the pack of riders pedaling together all day—to stop near the start of the race and take a leak on the side of the road en masse.

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Jul 18, - Wynants said that cyclists can be fined if they urinate in view of spectators. On a hot day like yesterday, when riders drank about five litres of water to prevent dehydration, bladder control can be more difficult. And it is considered poor form to overtake the leader if he's taking a toilet break, they revealed. The pro cyclists in the ride over kilometers almost every day, climb mountains, descend at warp speed down twisty pavement, and finish it all off with a.

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Everyone quickly pulling over and scrambling to pee and keep riding again. It is a sort of treaty This suggestion is one of the ones pro cyclists are familiar with. Peloton is the community for professional road cycling. If you try and piss while riding in a competitive race, you're going to lose time and still.

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Dec 2, - Stand on your downwind ("pee side") leg and lean the bike into the wind, while Shy bladder doesn't allow me to do the pro pee maneuver. Mar 15, - Rider twists his body towards the side of the road and urinated on the Koerse race as he was caught urinating whilst STILL on his bike.

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I know some athletes that are able to pee while running we'll be I drank bottles of water then went riding on a non-traffic road until I. Now you know the answer. If you are a team leader, a domestique might even push you along as well (on the dry side!). Has to be done, load of.