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Jun 10, - Have pro-ana blogs become the new hunting ground for sexual predators? My experiences posing as a year-old girl with a fetish for intense.

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She is part of a growing international group of “pro-ana” (anorexia) and “pro-mia” warning that they are “fetishising” a serious mental illness and putting young. Dec 19, - Fat Fetish - posted in Anorexia Discussions: Okay so my boyfriend has a fat fetish he knows i have isssues with food and poor self image, but this guy on instagram with anorexia fetish is harrassing a bunch.

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Honestly, most of the pro ana advice looks like legit weight loss advice, just . to be in the gainer culture it just tends to be a fucked up bullying an anorexic girl on twitch.: iamatotalpieceofshit. Nov 14, - If you know what the terms “proana” and “promia” mean, the title of this . we do run the risk, as a community, of fetishizing this “fat is beautiful”.

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Because that's not how eating disorders work. I feel just as unhappy with my I am not pro-ana but I am not judgemental. I've been there, I've restricted and. Jul 27, - isn't it against the rules to just post a pro ana thread? Anonymous 1 .. Because it's that or a skelly/extreme vulnerability fetish lol. Anonymous 1.

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Pro anorexia fetish

Feb 25, - websites for the surge, warning that they are “fetishizing” a mental illness. On the world's largest pro-ana forum, which has 65, users and In the throes of her illness, Sarah, now 28, registered on a pro-ana forum. Mar 3, - It's been a while since I was part of the pro-ana community, but I was so addicted to the sites when I was younger, it destroyed my life.

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Nov 15, - Thinspiration, fitspiration, and pro-ana .. uses the example of websites such as Fantasy Feeder to draw attention to the fat fetish community. Feb 3, - or “hipster” lifestyle has promoted a fetish for skinny women and men. By reinforcing this type of messaging, pro-ana blogs have quickly.

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Feb 8, - I have to think there's more to this story considering it was a pro-ana bones are very pronounced she's an anorexic fetish model. saying she. May 14, - It's the world of the pro-ana and pro-mia communities, that is, to make money and satisfy men's sexual fetishes, we would have more to say.

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Pro-Anorexic websites are flourishing on the Internet. .. There are even German fetish sites which feature drug-addicted anorectics posing in. Dec 28, - Listen to I'm Pro-Anorexia and 65 other episodes by Other People's Lives. No signup or install required.