Lighter periods after losing virginity

Lighter periods after losing virginity with

Did the length of your bleeding change or does your period seem heavier or lighter? What other things in your life are going on? Did losing your virginity cause.

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Feb 28, - Chances of pregnancy in your case are rare. Causes of lighter periods can be anything from hormonal imbalance, stress, medications. Jun 22, - And since you have a negative pregnancy tests - MULTIPLE times - you There are two things that can also cause a lighter period such as a.

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Can your menstrual cycle change after being sexually active? A boost in estrogen can lead to increased libido before period, while boosted progesterone leads to a lower sex drive. . female hands and red rose losing virginity concept. I've been thinking about losing my virginity for a month and I recently decided to lose my We cried together after our mutual climax because the universe is and the answer is “Not really.” Conclusion: once you pop, it's been popped. Period.

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Aug 29, - I'm assuming that you lost your virginity very soon before your period, so it definitely didn't stop early because you're pregnant; you wouldn't. Jul 7, - No it's not caused by sex. Periods fluctuate for all kinds of reasons, if you are a teen you shouldn't even expect your periods to settle down until.

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I lost my virginity on the 12th. so is it possible that losing my virginity caused me to get an early, middle of cycle, period that was super light? Jul 9, - Her period will probably come exactly when it would have come if she had not had sex. Sex does not generally affect the timing of periods.

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Jan 17, - Why havent I had my period. I am seventeen days late and the pregnancy issue is not of a worry to me since we made sure that we use a. After I lost my virginity my period was weird for the first couple of months I wouldn't worry too much . Now it is super light and my flow is normally really heavy.

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Feb 27, - My first period since losing my virginity has been mega light. It was bang on time, but it's so light and on-off that it's almost not there. I've never. Usually there is no change in the hormonal cycle or menstrual cycle due to loss of virginity. But definitely.

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Some periods are light, some are heavy. Will I still be a virgin after using tampons or a menstrual cup? You can only lose your virginity by having sex. Sep 18, - Your first period after losing your virginity may be lighter, heavier or late, and your periods after losing your virginity may also be irregular for a.

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Nov 4, - While some women find their period regulates or gets lighter after giving birth, most feel like it gets Did losing my virginity change my period? Jun 21, - Spotting or light bleeding can be caused when the hymen stretches for If you don't think the bleeding is your period, it's a good idea to talk to.

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Apr 20, - Pregnancy Test Negative After a Missed Period? .. in the character of your periods with losing your virginity and becoming sexually active. Your period is delayed and you have had light bleeding so it may be one of those. Feb 4, - Light Periods: your uterine lining not getting the signal to thicken properly. Lengthy Spotting after Predicted Ovulation Time: your uterine lining Now what to do,,,doctr prescribe me weight loss tablet,n tablets for .. Hi, I'm a 17 years old girl who is virgin, not on birth control and lacking on sex department.