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Oct 5, - Through all the hoopla about the parenting secrets of Asian Tiger Moms whose children practice piano for hours and French moms whose.

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Dec 6, - Contrast this with the Asian Tiger parenting style where you are given little to no praise for achievement and sometimes severe punishment. Apr 11, - Asian parents are often very attuned to taking care of their children's education on healthy parenting but based on my clinical experience.

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Why people are interested in traditional Chinese parenting So what's the secret? . advantage over contemporary Western parenting: Chinese parents--like many other Asian parents--are more likely to emphasize effort over innate talent. May 13, - Parenting doesn't have to be so stressful. Just ask a Mayan Secrets Of A Mayan Super Mom: What Parenting Books Don't Tell You. Parenting doesn't .. on the Rise. Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in.

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Dec 3, - When it comes to strict parenting, Asian parents are probably at the top of We asked Asians to reveal some of their biggest secrets or acts of. Jun 22, - Asian cultural values that help children do well at school embody much more than harsh parenting styles.

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May 13, - That's the tagline for author Julia Fierro's Tumblr -- Parenting Confessional. The site was inspired by "Cutting Teeth," Fierro's novel which is on. glance, Asian American parents appear to show about parenting and parent-child relation- ships has . they had to keep secrets from their immigrant fathers.

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Jul 17, - This is one of the first things you learn about parenting in Japan: that even very young children are expected to be independent and self-reliant. Dec 13, - The intimidating secrets of raising high-achievers. As one student puts it, Asian kids just need to confirm that they are smart, but white kids.

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Nov 20, - Tiger Mom Amy Chua put the spotlight on Chinese parenting That's not exactly a secret, but Tiger Moms understand it better than most. A University of California study reported that the average Asian student studies 5. You would think that for the richest man on earth, and one of the pioneering leaders in technology, Bill Gates' parenting techniques would very much include.

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Why do many Asian students excel? The secret is parenting, say the authors of the provocative book Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers. The Hybrid Tiger: Secrets of the Extraordinary Success of Asian-American . a richly rewarding examination of Chinese and American culture and parenting.

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Apr 17, - Specifically East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) See these other posts for Indians and Persians. The Surprising Secret to Raising a Well-Behaved Kid. The key to and to respect limits," says Hal Runkel, family therapist and author of ScreamFree Parenting.

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In her TEDx talk she discusses the high education performance among Asian migrants based on an interview. rendered the unfortunate conflict with my estranged Chinese mother; these are my secret revelations about the hidden costs of ruthless Asian parenting.