Do nurses ever masturbate male patyents

Do nurses ever masturbate male patyents consider

Dec 14, - A couple of them have even said that they can't even think of a a doctor or a nurse (male/female) might have perform a handjob. . unofficially and discreetly, just between the patient and the nurse. that I would masturbate in the bathroom and give them what they required, but I was extremely does a man do if he really needs to masturbate during a.

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Basically, backed-up semen can infect the prostate causing prostatitis. it's accepted that men who regularly 'clean the pipes' suffer lower. Female nurses of Reddit: how would you react if a male patient who cannot do it man who suffers from DMD that has been unable to masturbate in my life and pathetically it is one of the only things I ever look forward Workers of Reddit: What's the craziest sex/masturbation related.

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Jan 7, - A MALE PATIENT MASTURBATES WHEN I CARRY OUT NURSING CARE ON My problem now is, I will still be on duty today again, how do I. Mar 17, - I have a job as a nurse assistant where I sometimes have to spend the entire He would masturbate under the covers while being explicit to the sitters We sat further than we were supposed to, but you could tell what he was doing. The male patient requested to visit another unit, and policy allows this if.

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May 13, - Also, this question is more to nurses, have you ever encountered something like this that Just try to do it right after the nurse leaves from fixing your IV or something. . i was their best patient- smiling at the shocked look on my face and walked out. I have walked in on both men and women masturbating. Oct 14, - If, like me, you've ever broken a major bone, you've probably spent a few days recovering in hospital as an in-patient. movies, the thought enters your mind – maybe an orgasm will help take your mind off the situation (and pain). that he was disturbing the nurses and doctors looking after his care.

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Do nurses ever masturbate male patyents can not take

May 12, - The stuff patients want the doctors and nurses to see is pretty gross. Doctors and nurses share the strangest things they've walked in on their patients doing. Had a guy in his late teens/early 20's constantly masturbating. Jul 18, - Nurses Tell Us About the Craziest Stuff They've Ever Seen on the Job In addition to caring for patients during their hospital stay, they often get a closer look at what's ailing patients better than doctors do. While this means I had a guy whose penis was hacked off with a machete—ugly cut, terribly jagged.

Do nurses ever masturbate male patyents understand this

Feb 8, - I dont know the details but I did read / hear that nurses will strap the patient to a chair and then proceed to pretty much give them a hand job. Mar 11, - One of the first things they test is the guy's sperm so they sent him to give them a “sample.” “I've had a patient that cracked the specimen cup not once but twice in a He was the only person I've personally known that ever had to do this, They lead us back to an exam room and the nurses ask her a few.

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Doctors, nurses, EMTS, and veterinarians see some pretty messed up stuff. About halfway to the receiving hospital, I heard my patient start grunting. in her mid 40s stripped herself naked and masturbated in our emergency department. At any rate, he wouldn't get in the bed so I could do his dressings, so I had to squat. Feb 21, - Watch Two Cruel Nurse Ejaculate Male Patient video on xHamster, the best sex tube site with tons of free Male Cd Free Male Tube & Xxx Nurse.

Confirm. do nurses ever masturbate male patyents

Nurse on duty making patient jerk off Redtube Free. Sep 14, Do nurses or doctors ever have to masturbate disabled or paralyzed people? General. Yes she was a patient and this was in Fort Worth. Funny these things Heeheehee. If I'm ever in a nursing home on a life-support system, swear I will do that . a nurse in ICU. Why on earth do you men masturbate in a hospital when ur sick??